Although not official, because we would need to register it to the Canadian Heraldy Authority in the name of the (defunct) Savard Association, I propose this new Coat of Arms to replace the old one, that did not respect heraldry rules (therefore could not be called arms, but is simply a logo).
Traditinally, official Coat of Arms descriptions (wording) are generaly in French.
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D'azur au chevron d'or accompagné en chef de deux doloires d'or affrontés au manche au naturel et en pointe d'une roue, aussi d'or.

The crest follow the tradition of the crests of existing Savart/Savarre families in Europe, those of the Savart de Saint-Brisson (Belgium) and the Savarre (Tourraine), that are respectively d'azur au chevron d'or et respectivement accompagné de trois besants de même (with three gold circles) and, ... accompagné de trois trèfles de même (with three clubs - like the playing cards clubs).
Furthermore, the arms of Montreuil-sous-Bois, where our Savards are from, are the same but with thee peached branches (peach tree branches with peaches on them).

1. The doloire is the tool of the wheelmaker, trade of the first three known generations of the Savards. The earliest (Jean) also signed with a mark representing this tool.
2. The roue (wheel) also reminds us of the trade of the first generations of our Savards.
3. The roue at the bottom of the crest also signifies that the family is continually moving forward (from France to Quebec, then throughout North America).
4. The chevron represents a house (or home) which illustrates the trade of the Hordovilles/Hordouille on the maternal side, which were carpenters.
5. The chevron also represents the ancestral home, symbol of protection.
6. The enamel azur (blue) shows loyalty and splendor.
7. The metal or (gold) shows generosity.
8. The combination of azur and or reminds us the the colours of the French crown, stressing the origins of our ancestors.

Design: Denis J. Savard (and voters) ; Artwork and consultation: Xavier Bastard d'Andeville