The page for Neil McIntyre and Margaret McKenzie (alias Edward/Leonard McIntyre & Bridget McKenzie) is temporarily unavailable for an editorial rewrite.

A major paper will be published at the beginning of 2013 regarding this family. A French version wil be published in Les Mémoires, the
French-Canadian Genealogy Society’s magazine.

The paper will document The journey of the family of near McIntyre from Barryscott Santos Lolo New Brunswick. But because of space limitation all the complementary information will be hosted on this in these pages with a summary of the journey of the family.

These pages will go live at the date of the publication of generations. We will also find the genealogy of the other Barra families that went to Québec after their passage in PEI.

One section will document with photos to different places of residence of the McIntyre family.

Another will explore the possible ancestors of both the McIntyre and McKenzie families. Including the DNA components where possible.

Yet another section will deal with Barra itself. And of the Tack of Greìan, where Neil’s ancestors might have held the title of «MacIntyre of Greìan» as the hereditary tacksmen of the place.

The information published here previously must now be considered obsolete, while the new study is being edited and published.

Denis J. Savard, octobre 2012